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PCR Assay Confirmation Services

Fluoresentric offers custom assay confirmation services for your PCR assays.  The confirmation service includes the following:

  • We consult with you to determine the type of assay you require confirmation on (Quantification, Genotyping, Expression Analysis, Detection, etc.).
  • We design the appropriate probes and primers for an RTPCR assay for your target sequence.
  • We confirm the specificity of the probe and primer designs using homology searches.
  • Fluoresentric orders the appropriate primers and probes.
  • Fluoresentric performs extensive quality assurance on the probes and primers.
  • Using your template, Fluoresentric performs reactions to identify suitable run parameters.
  • Fluoresentric sends you the remaining probes and primers, handing instructions, and appropriate conditions.
  • The service includes 1 hour of post-delivery consultation.

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