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Complete Assay Development Service


Complete Assay Development

Fluoresentric is proud to announce its Complete Assay Development service on its redesigned website (http://store.fluoresentric.com).  This package includes everything from assay design to packaging the oligonucleotides.  We developed this product for customers who understand the complexity of their future assay and want it done by experts in PCR assay development.  Fluoresentric has been working in real time PCR for over 12 years now.  We have designed and developed practically every kind of PCR assay variation of genotyping, quantification, single and multiplex with taqman, SYBR, simpleprobes, etc. Included in our  Complete Assay Development Service is the following: - We consult with you to determine the type of assay you require confirmation on (Quantification, Genotyping, Expression Analysis, Detection, etc.). - We design the appropriate probes and primers for an RTPCR assay for your target sequence. - We confirm the specificity of the probe and primer designs using homology searches. - We order the appropriate primers and probes. - We perform extensive quality assurance on the probes and primers. - We optimize the Real-Time PCR reaction conditions for your assay. - We send you ~200 reactions of quality assured (QA'd) probes and primers to conduct assays with specific written instructions to assist you in running your custom assay. - The service also includes 2 hours of post-delivery consultation. This is the most extensive and complete PCR assay package we offer.  If you desire only part of the package, say you only want a PCR assay design, well we offer that as well.  The best way to get a hold of us is to give us a call 1-800-808-0490.