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    digital PCR (dPCR)… The Future of qPCR?
    In the past few years a “new” PCR technique has come into the scientific community, it is known as digital PCR (or dPCR, for us acronym loving scientists).  I thought it worth discussing some of the details of the utility of dPCR for those of you out there that are just getting into the real-time [...]

    Veterinarian Clinic Ready Test for Kennel Cough
    It’s a near daily occurrence, some dog is brought to a kennel and boarded there for a few hours or days. You’ve probably done it yourself, dropped off your dog on your way out of town.  Sure most kennels insist on having your dog’s vaccination records.  That they do is terrific news for all you [...]

    Antibiotic resistance, it’s everywhere
    Go figure, antibiotic resistance is cropping up everywhere we look.  Of course, that begs the question..are we just looking more? I bet, in part, that the answer is yes. Here is brief list from just the last two weeks: HIV , E. coli, Fungi, Malaria,  Cancer, and the list goes on and keeps growing. Signal [...]

    Azole resistance in fungii..
    Well, there it is a new article out on the developing drug resistance in NOT bacteria but now in fungi, specifically Aspergillus. We aren’t prescient here at Signal Diagnostics , but we do follow science news and about 3 years ago while we were developing our now patented drug resistance screening method azole resistance was [...]

    Science topics, social networks, and business contacts all in one place: Personal Chain Reaction
    Fluoresentric’s team of scientists are all on some sort of social network..there is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and now also Scribd, and although these are terrific places to share pictures, or comment about the day’s activities.  When it comes to biology news, or DNA news item, or even just some basic science articles..often those other business [...]

    Oligonucleotides for PCR can be cheap, but failed PCR is expensive.
    10 years ago, I was in the oligonucleotide manufacturing business.  At the time, I was the director of a small enterprise that specialized in real-time PCR fluorescently labeled probes, and their cognate primer sets.  Our specialty was in Roche Hybridization Probe® and SimpleProbe®, and ABI TaqMan® chemistries.    At that time we were a premium [...]

    Ovis aries: Scrapie, it is still out there and PCR genotyping can help.
    So on the Pro-Med update pages today, I read about a nasty little disease that we have been selling a genotype screening assay to assist in the management of sheep flocks in the Western United States for the past 7 years. You can check out our publication on this product on the Fluoresentric home page. [...]

    10x Real-time PCR buffer..everyone’s got one, ours is better.
    More than 10 years ago, Fluoresentric developed a new 10x real-time PCR buffer that at the time was simply an inexpensive way for our lab to do it’s own research and development work. Over these past 10 years of being in the real-time PCR assay development business and having worked on projects from quantitiative PCR, [...]

    Dynamic Flux Amplification (DFA)– The Next Great Nucleic Acid Diagnostic Technique
    The real-time PCR rage is still afoot, and in some respects it is expanding rapidly, yet still there are so many research and diagnostic labs that have maintained their stance on probes versus double stranded DNA binding dyes.  Their stance is this, double stranded DNA binding dyes are much cheaper to use on an ongoing [...]

    Real-time PCR Training Course – Basic and Advanced
    Okay, so summertime is nearly upon us.  Well that is the theory at least.  Still, this is my favorite time of year.  Trips to Utah are relatively inexpensive, which makes now the ideal time to stop by our labs for one or two days and spend some time with the Real-time PCR experts at Fluoresentric [...]

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